Tuesday, My General Cleaning Day!

My friends call me OC (obsessive-compulsive) and I’m not ashame of it. This is maybe due to the fact that I always have a tidy study area before, during and after studying or exams, how I fix my bed and how uneasy I become every time someone sits at my smooth bed. But I think it’s an over-statement. For me, I’m just an organize type of person. No matter how disturbed my mind is, I always see to it that my environment is well-arranged and orderly.


imageSome people dislike cleaning. It’s like a stressor to them every time they are up for cleaning. But for me? It’s the other way around. When I’m in distress, I always find cleaning as a way to lessen my suffering ( well at least I have done something right and productive… ). And I’m happy that today, I really had a very productive day. ALHAMDULILLAH! :)imageimage

My last sembreak, hopefully… please be like “Hakuna Matata”
Red Moon

Spent our one precious hour waiting for the transition of the lunar eclipse from darkness to light. Bruised my elbows and knees trying to steady my shaky hands while capturing the fascinating red moon.

Mashaa Allah! That’s all I can say… it’s all worth the pain and wait. :)

Jealousy, suspicion, spying… what can it do to you than ruin your life? Astaghfirullah!
Eid’l Adha Celebration



imageEid’l Adha celebration with few true friends. Alhamdulillah! Prayer granted, I was able to pray in the masjid though I had to sacrifice my FamMed class. :)

—Golden Mosque

Some people enjoy irritating others. But there’s no need to get all worked up. Silence is usually the best response in dealing with them.
Mufti Ismail Menk

It’s just so distressing how my parents expect me to marry someone who has the same profession as me when I’m secretly inlove with someone who is never close enough of becoming one. Sometimes I regret stepping into this path, and wish to go back  to the past and undo my decisions back then but I’m also afraid that I might regret it someday when I grow older if I haven’t pursued this… this is my dream!

I think I’m torn between two things. I love where I am now, but I also love him. CHOSS!

After 3 days of procrastination, non-stop rest and doing some non-school related stuff, it’s time to face the reality. It’s time to bite the bullet and realize the painful truth that:

1. I’m so left behind. :(

2. I still have lots of things to do like:

     a. the assigned trans for me,

     b. my impending reports,

     c. tons of lectures to read, understand and memorize,

     d. samplex to answer… yeah it’s a must now. (a little desperate to                       pass here)

3. and that the Final term is fast approaching!

Yah Rabb, I hope I still have a chance to catch up! Bismillah!

Why do people go crazy when they start falling in love?
Paranoia leads to aggression. And the most dangerous of all psychotics are the paranoid type.
Psych Professor